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Deron Williams - Wallpaper

(created by J1897, thanks for sharing)

Deron Williams - Wallpaper
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Tutorial - Carmelo Anthony

Final Outcome
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Tutorial - Wayne Rooney

 Final Outcome

Hi again, First i want to say that i will put a watermark on every image on this tutorial because i just found some web sites that copied my tutorials without me getting any credit(as you can see i like to credit all the authors of all wallpapers on my website). 

Anyway, in this tutorial will create a wallpaper with Wayne Rooney, Manchester United and England striker. It's not gonna be a very hard tutorial, so you don't need to know that much about Photoshop. The original .psd is created by Ozgur Vatan and render by RDK. Let's begin.

First, here are the textures we will be useing:
Texture 1(Stadium)
Texture 2(Render)
Texture 3(Machester United Logo)
Step 1: Open Photoshop and hit CTRL+N to create a new canvas or click File-New on the top menu. Select the desired Width and Height (1152x864 in this case), click OK. Now using the Paint Bucket Tool fill the background with a dark read color #5b0101.

Step 2: Create a new Layer either by clicking on the small icon in the lower right corner or by hitting Shift+Ctrl+N on your keyboard. Select a the Brush Tool(hit B) and with a Soft Brush with 350 Diameter and white color left click some where in the middle of the screen to crate a spot. Set the Layer Mode to Overlay.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2(create layer 2) only this time use the Soft Brush with 500 Diameter and a red color #eb1900. Set the layer Fill to 60%.

Step 4: Duplicate Layer 2 by right clicking on it and selecting "Duplicate Layer...". Again, right click, this time on "Layer 2 copy" and select "Blending Options...". Check the box for "Gradient Overlay", set the Style to "Radial" and scale to 134. For Gradient Color use white to yellow #faf165. Set the layer Opacity to 80% and Fill to 5%.

Step 5: Create a new layer and with the Horizontal Type Tool type in Wayne Rooney with font type Calibri. Center the text(white color) and change the Layer Mode to Overlay. Now go to the top menu, select Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur, select OK when you will be asked to "Rasterize the type?"  and change the radius to 8 pixels.

Step 6: Using the exact same procedure like in Step 5 create a text that says "MANCHESTER UNITED PLAYER" with 18 pt site, only this time lower the blur radius to only 1.5 pixels, duplicate it(right click on layer and select Duplicate Layer or holding down ALT, left click and drag the text on the screen) and position the layers like in the image bellow.

Step 7: Create a new layer, Layer 3, select the Rectangle Tool, set the Foreground color to white, click and drag on the screen to create a rectangle. Click on the screen with the Eraser Tool selected to make the layer editable, click OK when ask to "Rasterize the shape?", now using the Eraser Toll(lower the Opacity) with a soft brush, erase some parts of the rectangle like in the image bellow.

Now change the Layer Mode to Overlay, Opacity and Fill to 40% like in the image bellow.

Step 8: Create 4 new layers, Layer 4, 5, 6, and 7. Using the method we've used in Step 7 create 4 new rectangles exactly like in the image bellow. Again set the Layer Modes to Overlay and the Opacity and Fill between 35% and 50%, i've used 40% on all of them. Use the Erase Tool where needed(for example, on the rectangle on the right)

Step 9: Open Texture 1(the Stadium) an copy it on top of Layer 7. Hit CTRL+Shift+U to Desaturate the image or go to Image-Adjustments-Desaturate, select the Eraser Tool and erase parts(streets, trees, parkings) of the image until we have only the stadium left. Set the layer mode to Overlay. Now lets apply an Outer Glow on this layer. Do to this right click on Layer 8(stadium) and select "Blending Options...". Check and select the Outer Glow box, set the Blend Mode to Overlay, change the opacity to 75% and the glowing color to white.

Step 10: Open Texture 2(Render) and copy it on top of Layer 8(stadium). This should be Layer 9. Duplicate it 7 times and change the layers like this:
Layer 9, Layer Mode - Lighten, Opacity 100%, Fill 0%, apply Outer Glow with Blend Mode Overlay, Opacity 70%, color White and size 16, this are Outer Glow settings not Layers...
Layer 9 copy, Layer Mode - Normal, Opacity and Fill 100%, apply Color Overlay(same as applying Outer Glow) and set the color to dark gray #dark gray
Until now you should have something like this:

continuing with Step 10:
Layer 9 copy 2, Layer Mode - Color Dodge, Opacity and Fill 100%.
Layer 9 copy 3, Layer Mode - Color Dodge, Opacity 10%, Fill 100%.
Layer 9 copy 4, Layer Mode - Multiply, Opacity 50%, Fill 50%.
Layer 9 copy 5, Layer Mode - Color Burn, Opacity 40%, Fill 60%.
Layer 9 copy 6, Layer Mode - Lighten, Opacity 60%, Fill 100%.
Layer 9 copy 7, Layer Mode - Soft Light, Opacity 30%, Fill 100%.
The result should be something like in the image bellow:

Step 11:  Again using the Type Tool create a new "Wayne Rooney" text with Evanescent(font can be found on Resources category) font, size 36 pt, set the Layer Mode to Overlay and position it like in the image bellow.

Step 12: Create a new layer, Layer 10. Select the Gradient Tool. Change the gradient type to Radial(rectangle with circle in the middle) and the Gradient to "Foreground to Transparent". Click in the middle on the screen and drag to any corner to create a dark effect on the sides. Change the Layer Mode to Overlay, the Opacity to 70% and the Fill to 50%.

Step 13: Open Texture 3(Logo), move it on the bottom of the screen, center it, re-size it, and Duplicate it one time. You should now have Layer 11, and Layer 11 copy. Change the Layer Mode to Layer 11 to Overlay and the Opacity to 8%. On Layer 11 copy only change the Opacity to 50%, leave everything else as default. Create a new text that says Manchester United and position it bellow the logo. For this i've used Felix Titling font and 8 pt size. Change the Layer Mode to Overlay.

Step 14: Final step, create a new layer, Layer 12, go to the Top Menu and select Image-Apply Image and click OK. Now you should have all layers in one. Duplicate Layer 12(Right Click on layer, Duplicate It) and again go to the top layer and select Filter-Sharpen-Sharpen Edges. Set the layer's Opacity and Fill to 80%.

Good job, you are done. If you find any mistakes in this tutorial please leave a comment, also if you find your self stuck in any step, again, please leave a comment.
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Snowboard - Wallpaper

(created by MrD, thanks for sharing)

Snowboarding Wallpaper
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Richard Hamilton - Wallpaper

(created by JUSTICEleague24, thanks for sharing)

Richard Hamilton - Wallpaper
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Kendrick Perkins - Wallpaper

(created by justiceleague24, thanks for sharing)

Kendrick Perkins - Wallpaper
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